What Is An LTACH?

A long-term acute care hospital, or LTACH, serves patients with complex needs requiring longer hospital stays and highly specialized care. Most patients admitted to LTACHs are typically discharged from the intensive care units of a traditional hospital and require more care than they can receive in a rehabilitation center, skilled nursing facility or at home. If your loved one needs more recovery time and needs to be visited by their physician more often, he/she could be referred to an LTACH.

They specialize in caring for patients who are ventilator-dependent, are on inpatient dialysis, or have multi-organ or multi-system failure, postsurgical or organ transplant complications, complex wounds that need care, or traumatic or acquired brain injuries. The average length of stay of a person in an LTACH is approximately 25 days. LTACHs use a multidisciplinary team approach to meet the individual needs of patients. LTACH clinical staff members are experienced in seeing critically ill patients and attending to their needs.

Arkansas Continued Care Hospital is a stand-alone LTACH with partner hospitals around Northeast Arkansas and the region.